The Customer Is Never Right


Or helpful, apparently.

On Monday, I purchased six cupcakes from Harris Teeter (yes I am putting it out there) for my daughter’s birthday. The icing was DISGUSTING; she threw it away. I felt so bad. Normally I would bake myself but we celebrated yesterday- and she had Mom’s homemade carrot cupcakes, yum- so I just picked them up to sing Happy Birthday on the actual day. Anyway…

I went back to HT bakery to provide feedback and was met by a deadpan face from the young lady behind the pastry case. When I didn’t let it go, she suggested I take it up at customer service with a manager; she couldn’t make a change in the process. I understood and thanked her.

Once I was connected with the manager with that section, (who is a baker, I will add) he knew which color I was referencing and shared that they do not make the frosting in-house, but use pre-made crap. But, kind sir, does that the source of my complaint?

He asks me if I have my receipt. I tell him I do not nor was that the reason I brought this to his attention. They were $3.99 for goodness sake! I wanted to provide this feedback to help you improve and because I am certain you will get other complaints. Then this: “You should contact Brill and let them know what you’ve told me.” He had a slight accent and it took me a moment. My response: “Ok, to be clear, you are suggesting that I (not YOU) contact the manufacturer of a product the you use in HT bakery, to tell them that said product is unsatisfactory?…That doesn’t make sense…why would I do that?”

I then collected my son who was growing restless and left resigned to always using Wegman’s bakery even though it’s a twenty-two minute drive.

My son: “Mommy I really liked the pink icing.” He would, he’s four.

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