And the Winners Are…

My daughter bailed on me for our annual tradition, so I was left to my own sense of style. I have to say that the over-forty women showed how it’s done on the red carpet. Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Octavia Spencer, Salma Hyek and Jennifer Anniston looked FABULOUS and effortless.

Lil’ Q (Quvenzhane) – so cute. She is dressed her age and I luuuuuved the puppy purse.


Charlize Theron – You better do It! She stepped out of the limo and glided from then on. All white, pixie cut…BAM!

Jessica Chastain – she is the first one that I saw. I felt that she evoked Marilyn’s Happy Birthday, Mr. President dress. The cinched waist, rounded hip. The color was awesome for her skin and that hair… 

Salma Hayek – Elegant and regal looking… tiara and all. A curvy woman has to be careful that the dress doesn’t give too much. The fitted velvet is sexy.

Jessica Lawrence – loved the necklace going down her back. Her hair pulled back in a sophisticated style. The fitted bodice and full skirt with a deep texture was beautiful.

Octavia Spencer – stayed loyal to her designer from last year. The color was gorgeous and the style and cut were as well. I think her designer knows how to design to accentuate her body type and she looked fantastic. She received no attention and that bothered me, especially since she won just last year.

 Jennifer Aniston: 2013 Oscars Red Hot GownJennifer Anniston – I loved the red. It was simple and I liked the slit/pleat in the front (which you can’t see in the picture) that added some character.

Halle Berry – FAB-U-LOUS! She said she wanted to look like a “Bond girl” and she does. The vertical lines, shoulders, metallic…she is flawless. 

Stacey Kiebler – Last year, the former wrestler looked amazing and she does not disappoint this year. To be the date of a star and outshine many, people need to step up their game. I guess you have to be on it to be on Clooney’s arm.

Sandra Bullock – The beading detail, the cut that showcased her body and the sheer panels were divine. And the diamond hair clip took it over the top for me…

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