Real Talk: Access and Equity in Health Care

Most who know me (professionally or personally) know that I have issues about which I am passionate. You could scan the categories of this blog and figure them out. 😉 One such issue is health care which has been a recurring theme in my career.

I am a proponent of universal health care. I remain in disbelief of how far we have to go in this country to ensure that all communities are healthy and that it is not a privilege. Although it has detractors and areas for improvement, the Affordable Care Act is groundbreaking and, I think, a step in the right direction. Anyway…

While conducting some research, I stumbled across an interesting report that points to information technology as an equalizer in health care access and equity. It raised my eyebrow because I discussed this point heavily with a previous client, ERSS Online, assuring them that this critical issue was their USP (unique selling proposition). ERSS Online offers some innovative products such as Blood Type Locator, secure electronic medical records/storage, Emergency Link – a service that provides your vital information to emergency responders, as well as traditional patient advocacy (a lost art form).

A worthwhile read. No, I have not done a cost analysis for implementing the recommendations in this report (given we are on the precipice of sequester), but they are worth discussion.

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