Papal Cheat Sheet


I was raised and baptized into Catholicism, but have not been a practicing Catholic in over 20 years,for many reasons. However, I can not help but raise an eyebrow when Catholicism makes the news which, in the last decade, has been too often. With a Papal resignation, the world is buzzing about succession. Who will be the next Pope?

I honestly have not dedicated much time to this event, but am curious. My number one question is what was their stance regarding the rampid pedaphilia that scandalized the faith…I’m hopeful others are interested as well…

With that said, a quick and dirty summation.
• There are three men of color which surprised me (Nigeria, Ghana, Sri Lanka).
• Three candidates have the capacity to bridge the chasm between Islam and westetn faiths (which I think is kinda critical).
• One could potentially reach younger generations with his penchant for tweeting and pop culture knowledge.
• A few have global appeal which is key for future growth.

Just my thoughts. What are yours?

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