The Oniony Business of Healthcare

The Affordable Care Act– an astronomical onion if there ever was one with layers that have only begun to peeled away. However, on the tearful journey to its oniony core is the idea that everyone deserves quality healthcare and access to it. It’s not a perk for the entitled. And if I get sick, I should not lose my home, savings and kids’ college fund. So there… I’m all for it but it is an onion nonetheless.

What has it done thus far? Let’s see.

1. Kids can stay on parents’ plan until 26.
2. Pre-existing conditions get covered.
3. 80/20 rule: the majority of your premium is actually applied to healthcare.
4. Medicare doughnut hole gets an overdue filling.
5. Preventive care is covered at no cost.
6. Women’s premiums are in line with mens’.

Don’t get me wrong. The tears are promised. Because enrollment opens on October 1, does not mean the uninsured and underinsured will flock to the online marketplace in droves. Misinformation is abound. Ignorance of the process and those pesky layers, I mean details, will be a challenge.

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