It’s Not What You Think


Columbine High School shooting
Virginia Tech campus massacre
Ft. Hood shooting spree
Shooting at rally in Tuscan, Ariz.
Aurora, Col. movie theater shooting
Thwarted Family Research Council shooting
Massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary

What do all of these tragedies have in common?

The shooters all had mental health issues. What else needs to happen for us to stop sweeping mental health difficulties under the rug? Do not misundertand. All of these individuals are accountable. My point is many lives could have been saved if concerns about the mental stability of these people would have been addressed or taken seriously. And we still haven’t learned.

Navy Yard shooting spree

4 responses to “It’s Not What You Think”

  1. One other thing they all had in common: easy access to guns.
    As the wife of a psychologist, I totally agree that it is past time to provide comprehensive mental health care, including prevention programs. Still, I doubt that we will ever be able to end depression, anxiety, psychosis…….
    We could end the easy access to guns.

    1. If you’ve read previous posts, you would know that I am an advocate of increased gun control and have written about it. But I also believe that other contributing factors need to be addressed- one being the way mental health gets ignored.

      1. No disrespect was meant! I have been reading your posts, and agree with you wholeheartedly. I just meant that, like you, I am so hoping that we can get the guns under some control.

      2. None taken. 🙂 I just wanted to point out that these despicable acts keep happening and in the aftermath we always hear about the mental health red flags that were already there.

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