It Ain’t So Bad….

07 Jan


I was going to post about the frigid weather until I heard the words of Monika “Nikki” Payne this morning. In 2007, her husband killed her 7 year-old son, 2 year-old daughter, then himself. Years followed of drinking, body piercings, partying and tattoos; she was trying to find an identity because she was no longer a mother or wife.

Four years later her mother died suddenly. She said she went to church that Sunday for the first time in years, to curse God. But when she left that day, she began to change.

Today Nikki is a motivational speaker and committed to God. She admits that on some days it is hard to get out of bed. On such days, she tells herself four things:

1. She is going to get up and honor God.
2. She is going to honor her mother.
3& 4. She is going to honor her children.

Say a prayer for what you have and lift your bowed head.

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