True Families

What is a true family you ask? Good question. Yesterday during my morning commute I was behind a car for about five miles, with several religious bumper stickers. One sticker referenced a “true family” complete with a graphic of a mother, father and two children.

Now, perhaps I was reading too much into it…but I think not. There is no true family, they all look different and who cares as long as they work! When I say work, I mean the family provides the love, support and care to one another in order for its members to feel nurtured and then grow. Not staying a unit for appearances or out of fear to leave.

A few weeks back, I saw a Chevy commercial that talked about what a family is; I loved it. As a single parent, I’ve received my share of judgment…but the heart of family is what’s important.

BTW- I imagine the driver of that cares hates that commercial.

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