Confessions of a Working Mom


Last month, I made a huge decision. I rejoined the “traditional” workforce after being self-employed for 3.5 years. The deciding factor was my children; they were also the reason I made the decision to work for myself.

The good news? I love my job. It’s only been five weeks, but I enjoy doing what I love (writing, strategizing) and being challenged. Because it is a large company- the largest I’ve ever worked for- I have many different types of projects, working with different types of people. And I am going to learn! That had been missing from my professional life for so long: the opportunity to grow and develop professionally.

Yesterday evening, my son excitedly shoved a crinkled paper into my hands. “It’s for Rock Creek! I wish you could go with me.” And there’s the downside. I can’t go with him. It’s on Wednesday.

I tell him, “Mom will go on another trip with you.” And I mean it. Another bit of good news. My new company is family-friendly. This was mandatory for me in my search. I’ve worked for places that frowned because I was out when my toddler had the flu. REALLY?!? So, I know that I will join him on the school bus for a trip, I just want a little more time in and to give a bit more notice (my work schedule is pretty full next week).

But, this has been and continues to be a huge transition, not for the kids, for me! I can’t remember how I did this!!! Mostly, I feel like a chicken with my head cut off. There are so many moving parts it is unbelievable. A bit more good news: the kids are fine…wasn’t that a movie? I digress.

I just slept for 11 hours. I guess I needed it. Add into the mix keeping my senior daughter on task, prom dress fittings, graduation planning and anticipation of college acceptance/funding. Whew! I know it will level out. A bit more good news… I’m excited!!!!

However, as I tell my younger friends who are not yet parents: “Parenthood is gangster! It is not for the faint of heart.”

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