Who Is Robin’s Publicist?


Growing up, I was a Hall of Justice girl. Wonder Woman was the ultimate with her invisible jet, fashionable cuff bracelets and cute crime-fighting outfit. Wonder Twins came in a distant second.

I am two generations post comic books so I don’t recall when I was first introduced to Batman and Robin. I found them very boring and dare I say it, Robin was just plain sad. A sidekick in yellow tights without superpowers.

Fast forward a few decades. My son’s FAVORITE show is Teen Titans Go. The premise: five teen-age superheroes who live in a tower and fight crime. You’ll never guess who their fearless leader is- a teenage Robin. He is cool, somewhat annoying, but respected by the Titans. And my son loves him. So much so that he and his friends fight over who will be Robin while playing the 4th iteration of Lego Batman. Let me be clear: they don’t want to be Batman.

Next, there will be a Marvel blockbuster for Robin. It’s coming…

Which brings me back to the beginning. Is it Olivia Pope? Judy Smith? Whomever it is, they have successfully revived his career.

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