Dipping My Toe In…

I am a writer. It’s what excites me and fills me up.

I began writing as a teenager needing somewhere for all of that angst. But more than that, I was losing friends and acquaintances to gun violence and I needed an outlet.

The expression began as short stories then turned into poetry at some point in college. Since then, I’ve written poetry and I have a collection of books waiting to be published. (But that’s another post for another time.)

For years, I wrote content for nonprofit, government and small business websites, social media, overall branding and PR materials. But now, I’m writing for myself. Yes, I take on a few select clients here and there, but I’m WRITING!!!

Afyer relocating, I joined a writer’s group and it’s the energy that I need and crave. I’ve even written a few short stories after a looooong departure from the genre.

Recently, I reconnected with a painter whose work I adore to work on a collaboration with his art and mine…yes, I consider myself an artist. I’m actually a member of the DMV League of Artists, the only writer.

Anyway, I always thought that I would eventually publish some work and now I have, kinda sorta. I recently posted episodes of a short story, Since I Seen’t You, on Kindle Vella, an Amazon platform. If you’re interested, check me out. Note: the first three episodes are free, then it’ll cost you… a few tokens… you’ll see!

I appreciate your support, here on the blog.

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