He Could Be My Son

POTUS Barack Obama spoke these words at a press conference when Trayvon Martin was killed. I’m feeling that right now.

Last night, my daughter who still lives in the United States – DC to be exact – called me at about 8:44 her local time to tell me she heard gunshots on her block. We stayed on the phone for about an hour. Police were there; ambulance and fire department had come and gone.

This scene was happening outside of her building.

She said they put up caution tape and many residents were outside, standing in the rain. After checking Twitter News, she told me a 14 year-old boy was the victim and was in critical condition. Her brother is 14; he is here with me in Costa Rica.

I checked on her this morning. She said she didn’t get much sleep but she is okay. A few minutes ago, she told me the young man died. Died. At 14.

I have so many feelings that I can’t articulate them right now.

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