America is Sick

Violence is the origin of the experiment known as America. It began with the slaughter of indigenous people and the kidnapping and enslavement of those upon whose backs the country would be built.

That ever-present ingredient has never dissipated. Violence has distinguished the country from others, although throughout history it’s pointed a finger at others for their violence.

Now, guns are the weapon of choice. And not your basic handgun or hunting rifle. No! Assualt rifles, pistols with extended magazine and sound suppression are the choice for weapons that break through bones, explode heads, end lives.

And the makers and importers get richer while lawmakers sit on their hands. The proponents of said weapons point to the Constitution as babies and the elderly are killed in class, in church, in the grocery store simply living life.

Mass shootings occur with such frequency that we mistake the details of one for another or forget an incident altogether unless pur loved one was part of the carnage.

Mental illness, video games, violence on television are not the cause. The 21st century culprit are guns and they will be the death of America.

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