With Friends Like These…

How exactly do a group of friends go on a trip and everyone doesn’t make it back home? Someone ends up dead?

About two weeks ago a group of “friends” went to Mexico to celebrate someone’s birthday. A 25 year-old woman, Shaquella Robinson, ends up dead, one day into the trip. The friends tell the parents that she had alcohol poisoning. STOP! See that part. Poisoning (for a female) requires at least four drinks within two hours, drinks with a certain percentage of alcohol. If your friend is drinking that heavily, would you intercede?

However, as the story continues to unfold, the parents later receive the autopsy report and the daughter had a cracked spine and basically a broken neck. WTF. And she was “found” in the living room.

Then, a video surfaces that shows one of the female “friends” beating her and she’s not fighting back. Someone was recording and others were cheering. But nobody knows anything… Again, what kind of friends are these?

The FBI is now investigating. The “friends” have different stories. They should throw all their asses in jail because even if they didn’t strike a blow, they were complicit.

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