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Five and Five

hi 5This year I actually completed my goals for the upcoming year at the optimum time during Winter Solstice (Mom would be so proud!). With that said, I will review what was “tops” for me in 2013 and what I think will blow the roof off the muthasucka in this new year.

Five in 2013

5. Children – The kids are fine. Wasn’t that the name of a movie? Anyway, they are…in fact they are fantastic and thriving in spite of their crazy mother.

4. Family and friends – Reconnected with estranged family members and past friends whom I missed dearly.

3. Photo Shoot – My children and I were photographed and will be featured in a campaign to encouraging people to donate bone marrow. Specifically, helping people with tips for talking to their kids about their upcoming donation.

2. Poetry – I finished tweaking my series of poetry books for publication!

1. Mother/Daughter Bonding – Kicked off the college tours in Atlanta, sharing laughs and some serious chats with my favorite girl.

Five in 2014

5. Wealth & Finance – New and exciting clients as well as long-term projects that will hasten numbers 1 & 2.

4. HGTV Dream Home at Lake Tahoe – I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Health – To learn that my stem cell recipient is thriving and living the life that a teenaged girl deserves.

2. Home – I am finally able to use all of these ideas that I have collected to renovate my home.

1. College – My daughter is admitted to her top choice with a full ride and I won’t stay in the fetal position too long once she’s gone. (My five year-old wouldn’t stand for that foolishness for too long…)

Oh yeah and…

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!


Top 10 Holiday Songs

ho ho ho

My holiday season is not complete without this Top 10!

I’m certain that no two people would have identical lists, perhaps one or two of the same songs. However, we all have those artists that make us remember what the holiday truly means. My list may not be your cup of tea, but I get in the spirit of the season when I hear these.

Lay back and sip the spiked egg nog…

Let It Snow – Boyz II Men

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause – J5

Another Lonely Christmas – Prince

Ave Maria – Stevie Wonder

Silent Night – Temptations

The Christmas Song – Nat King Cole

Oh Holy Night – ANYONE

One Little Christmas Tree – Stevie Wonder

Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt

This Christmas – Donny Hathaway


Happy Holidays!!

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Top Ten Holiday Movies


We all have them- favorite holiday movies. Whether we own them or not, I look forward to these films to make me laugh, cry, sigh and remember. This is my top 10.

10. Best Man Holiday – Obviously new to the list.
9. Frosty the Snowman – It is technologically dated, but still a fav. It reminds me of Christmas as a kid.
8. A Charlie Brown Christmas – The Peanuts gang of course! I forgot Lucy was rough!
7. Four Christmases – HI-LA-RI-OUS!!!!!
6. The Santa Clause – This was an original take on the Christmas movie. A new twist for the holiday.
5. Prep and Landing – A great story and chance for kids to see the process and execution of global present delivery.
4. Olive the Other Reindeer – My daughter and I loved this one. How could you not know about Olive?
3. This Christmas – Rife with family drama, laughter, sex and healing, not to mention some awesome actors, I love this movie. Idris Alba. Only drawback is Chris Brown singing a Donny Hathaway classic…you just don’t… Did I say Idris?!?
2. A Christmas Story – Do I need to explain why?

Drum roll….

1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

In case I have to say it, the original. The cartoon version is the only one as far as I’m concerned. The Jim Carey grinch is downright scary!!! The Ron Howard production does not register for me ( and I’m a Howard film fan).

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Unattractive and Unfriendly



Washingtonian Magazine readers rated DC as the least attractive city. San Francisco was tops.

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The Best Man Holiday


Okay. I still don’t like the title, it’s lazy and uninspired. But I love everything else. While not an Oscar contender, Best Man is a must-see. Better than the first.

I saw it yesterday at 9:30 am, in a crowded theater. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil it…

I loved The Best Man in the late 90s because these were my peers. A few years out of college myself, this could have been my crew. It made me nostalgic for one of the best times in my life and for the love and kinship of my TU fam. It explored complicated relationships, career, love and sex. Fast forward 15 years.

Now we’re grown-ups with children, spouses, careers and life challenges. These universal themes draw you in from the start. The personalities remain consistent and true to the original. It’s smart, dramatic, sexy and REAL. I think that’s what I appreciate most; the characters and the dialogue are real. Our favorite college buddies have layers, they have grown but still have room to do so. I’m not the only 40 year-old (okay, 41) who sometimes thinks, “I thought I’d have this figured out by now!” Am I?

I didn’t mind the wait. I heard co-star Nia Long in an interview yesterday and she said, yeah we could’ve done it five years out, but our characters would bot have grown yet- it wouldn’t be as rich a story. True dat.

There are surprises combined with hilarious fun. And Morris Chestnut is delicious as ever!!! That man is like fine wine.

Look, I could talk about the lesser value that Hollywood puts on these actors and “those kind of movies” but we already know it and it’s belittling. Reviews are never my motivation to see any movie, so why start now. Let the numbers speak for themselves, and they’re talking! To the tune of $33 million and counting…

And, yes I will see it again.

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A Swapportunity Gone Awry

I have a teenage daughter…

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Honeysuckle Air


Caught me some honeysuckle air today.

Just a whiff,


While driving on the freeway

Windows down, hair blowin’, music blarin’

Trying to be carefree.

The sweet, heavy scent reminded me of Grandma’s

In the summertime.

Of climbing trees,

Playin’ kickball

And eating blackberries and sugar ‘til we could burst.

Of running fast with the wind on my face and barrettes stingin’ my back

As my plaits slapped.

That honeysuckle air

Punted me back into memories of my pink and white Huffy

And rollerskatin’ on concrete.

Scraped knees and lightning bugs,

Summer vacation, freeze tag

And the days when my universe consisted of home, Grandma’s house and school.

Caught me some honeysuckle air today.

And I could see Grand-dad in the kitchen,

Fussin’ over sugar roses and tiers of buttercream and promises.

Bright, blue days that stretched forever and never-ending, gut-busting laughter

Between childhood friends.

The smell of the grill, cherry popsicles and shit-talking

From relatives playin’ Spades.

Sittin’ in the cherry tree with Metri,

Gigglin’ and talkin’, ignorant of the world.

Firecrackers and pop guns

Jumpin’ over the pond and catchin’ guppies…

That honeysuckle air.

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Nine for IX


Celebrate Title IX turning 40!!!

Airing Tuesdays on ESPN at 8pm EDT through August, Nine for IX is a series of nine documentaries highlighting female trailblazers in sports.

These short films are all directed by women. Film features include Venus Williams, Coach Pat Simmons, Sheryl Swoopes, ’99 World Cup Women’s Champion, Coach C. Vivian Stringer and more inspirational women from their perspectives.

Co-executive producer Robin Roberts is a trailblazer in her own right, as the first African American female commentator for ESPN. Roberts’ passion is infused in this project.

I’m tuning in.


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The Monument Has Braces


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Family Tattoo


Our President told his daughters Sasha and Malia that if they decided to get tattoos, the whole family would get the same one in the same exact spot on the body. They would then share the body art on YouTube as a family tattoo…interesting strategy…

I do not look forward to seeing POTUS and FLOTUS featured on the first fam YouTube channel with a juicy strawberry on the right thigh…lol…

Perhaps this will deter the girls for a while…

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