Chipotle Says No Guns


Chipotle bans guns in its eateries. Dammit! Don’t misunderstand- I’m all for it. But how did I eff that up?! And I thought I was that much safer (or perception of being) in Chick-fil-a.

2 responses to “Chipotle Says No Guns”

  1. So let me see if I understand; you support places banning the legal carrying of firearms?
    So that means the only people who would not obey that would be the criminals there to rob the store or assault the people?

    How does this make sense to advertise the people in the store are disarmed?

    1. Not hard to comprehend. But if you want to follow that logic, that is our everday reality in many states; however that is not going to change my opinion (on gun controls). And btw I don’t want everyday Joe Shmoe with a gun “protecting” me against a robber in Chipotle.

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