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Writer’s Flood

It has been two weeks since my last post and I am out of sorts. I’ve had another birthday, a bout of the flu and the world has continued at a hurdling pace. There has been so much, too much, to write about that I find myself at that familiar place that disheartens me far more than writer’s block ever did.

I have so much to say or write that nothing bubbles to the surface. In Washington, the feds are back open, a disoriented mother was gunned by Capitol police and Walmart is closing in; nationally,  gunmen continue to terrorize the country yet no national gun control legislation has moved; Corey Booker was sworn in (yeah!) and Virginia has a crucial election next week. Yesterday, the food assistance level was cut from families and the healthcare marketplace suffers yet another setback…

Good news? I’m on my first, college road trip for my daughter. We drove all night and over 500 miles to see her top two in the same day. Of course there were purchases in the respective bookstores to further commemorate the trip, but no campus pictures – go figure. Tomorrow (today) is just for us to explore the city, eat good food and take pictures. Then it’s back on the road for the grueling drive back to research and an interview for me, scholarship apps and labs for her. [Middle leg of the college journey. Subsequent posts to follow…]

Point is, sometimes I have to keep it close to home, I guess. Write about what I know best.



It’s Not What You Think


Columbine High School shooting
Virginia Tech campus massacre
Ft. Hood shooting spree
Shooting at rally in Tuscan, Ariz.
Aurora, Col. movie theater shooting
Thwarted Family Research Council shooting
Massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary

What do all of these tragedies have in common?

The shooters all had mental health issues. What else needs to happen for us to stop sweeping mental health difficulties under the rug? Do not misundertand. All of these individuals are accountable. My point is many lives could have been saved if concerns about the mental stability of these people would have been addressed or taken seriously. And we still haven’t learned.

Navy Yard shooting spree


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So There You Have It…

And it’s bullshit…

Folks keep yammering about people being anti-Walmart but it wasn’t the only business that would be impacted. On its face, it sounds great: jobs, development, opportunity but who benefits? The Mayor is charged with making decisions that benefit the city and all its residents, not a select few.

Guess my email didn’t make a difference. :/ We’ll see just how much DC residents benefit. People, pay attention and remember at election time.

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Working to Live or Living to Work


The jury is still out on the living wage bill in DC. Mayor Gray has until next week, Sept. 16, to sign or veto.

Everyone has an opinion , particularly those not directly impacted by the pending legislation. My mother attended her neighborhood civic association meeting this past weekend at which her council member spoke (who opposed the bill). I asked my mom if she talked about the bill, not exactly… Alexander went on about the importance of jobs and employment in the city. Never about Walmart’s policies or more importantly what exactly is in the pending contract that is for district workers/residents.

I wondered aloud if those 300 jobs they keep promoting that Walmart will create, if it is specified that they go to DC residents and further those in that particular Ward. Also, will the jobs be fulltime or just shy, that famous trick so benefits are not earned. My mother brought up the point of utility bills and taxes. I was unaware that sometimes a city will bear the cost of utilities on behalf of an organization/corporation for the benefit of its business. Further, said entity could be excused from paying taxes for a given amount of time. I’m familiar with the tax breaks, more with regard to nonprofits. But if you give away the store, what’s left? What does the city or its residents receive in the deal?

I digress- this was the direction of our conversation. You know how I feel about the bill. Let’s see what the Mayor thinks about it…

A good article from the DC Fiscal Policy Institute.


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This Takes the Cake

(left: the cake that was ordered; right: the cake that was delivered)

As a part-time baker and former cake-maker, this really burned me. Whomever made this this cake should be ashamed beyond belief. I would NEVER have delivered this to anyone, especially a paying customer and on her wedding day!!! I can not imagine how they felt when they saw this thing at their reception.

The bride jokingly put it on eBay for sale so that others could be equally disgusted as I’m sure her guests were.

Under the details, she described it as “used.”

“A few defects due to maker being unskilled. Uncut, along with large amount of awful cupcakes for free. No topper or decoration. Unusual design. Very heavy.” You could also get the “roses which fell off this abomination if required,” and lastly she wrote, “Sorry no returns.”

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Go Britt!

Mercury Welcomes Brittney GrinerGood for Griner, good for Nike…shame on Baylor. But the university is not unique. And this is not a new issue; it probably precedes Title IX.

Rather than support our youth and current students, let’s persuade them to keep quiet about who they are …you don’t need anyone knowing your personal business! Because what we really want is to cater to the close-minded parents out there whose perspectives stagnate this country.

Our institutions of higher learning need to become just that. At such as critical time in life when young people are finding themselves, choosing their path and beginning their life’s journey, such a request could be devastating. Griner thankfully had the support of family and friends, but some youth do not. I don’t want to hear that it’s a Christian school because that further emphasizes my point. She is a beautiful, talented young woman who is making her unique mark on the world. Isn’t that what we claim to want for our children? Better?

To accept this type of thinking is to also support the other ignorant assumption: that all girls who play or excel in sports are gay. So I guess colleges better have “the talk” with all of its female athletes.


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The College Journey


It’s that time. My daughter is a junior and we have started the journey toward college. The good news? She is a science girl with a 3.7 cummulative GPA. The bad news? I don’t know what I’m doing.

I am overwhelmed. Luckily, the College Board has a portal to help parents like me. Big Future has been helpful but I am preoccupied about scholarships, university emergency/security plans and biology programs. Don’t get me wrong, I know that she is doing the heavy lifting by kicking ass in school so I want to do my part.

I created a spreadsheet that does not have any content (yet). I have designated “college research” time every Saturday during which the two of us use the aforementioned portal to attempt to narrow her list. There are 38 colleges on it!!!!! How can we begin visiting schools with such a list?!? I think we’re gonna visit a few local schools so that she can get a feel of their differences. Perhaps she will be able to identify characteristics that she wants and thus cross schools off the list…

I must call on the college guidance department at her school. They don’t seem to kick in until spring, but I feel like that’s too late! I am stressing out!

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Uncle Luke


Interestingly enough, I was just telling my daughter about 2 Live Crew about a week ago: the music and their landmark court case. A song was playing that used a sample from “Me So Horny” and we were discussing rap music. C’mon Tipper, teens have always listened to music that their parents rejected. How about parents engaging with their kids and actually knowing their friends, monitoring their music/game/tv consumption and…wait for it…talking about it.

BTW – I was a fan and I did not feel degraded as a woman… in my view, it was music plain and simple. In fact, I wrote an term paper on the supreme court ruling for my Media Law class in college, but I digress. 

ANYWAY, I stumbled across an article about how Luther Campbell aka “Luke Skywalker” is tearing it up on the football field as a defensive coordinator for a Miami high school. The writer’s underlying premise seemed to be that this former rap artist could not possibly be a role model to young men. Why not? We’re talking entertainment from more than twenty years ago!!! Obviously if he’s volunteering his time and has made personal financial investments in the recreational football leagues in his Miami neighborhoods, his priorities have changed. It bothered me that he was denied a coaching license based on his prior career.

Since 2010, he’s volunteered as an assistant coach with city approval at Miami’s Central and Northwestern high schools, which have each made appearances on’s national prep football rankings, but Florida officials refused to grant him a coaching license until this past summer, when the decision landed in an administrative judge’s lap.

Really?!? He has no criminal record, not a sex offender and is willing to donate his time to mold the youth of his neighborhood. Campbell is 53 and has a track record for charitable works and coaching in Miami. Florida offcials surely have more important issues to tackle than blocking this man’s volunteerism…no pun intended.

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Real Talk: Guns

AssaultRiflesNew York has the right idea.

Not enough in my opinion, but a step in the right direction. I can not believe that there are people who still oppose laws to control assault weapons in this country. If I hear about the second amendment one more time, I think my head will literally pop off and steam will be released from my corpse.

Of the NY law, Republican Sen. Greg Ball called it “political opportunism.”

We haven’t saved any lives tonight, except one: the political life of a governor who wants to be president,” said Ball who represents part of the Hudson Valley. “We have taken an entire category of firearms that are currently legal that are in the homes of law-abiding, tax paying citizens. … We are now turning those law-abiding citizens into criminals.


The list below includes four schools (1 elementary, two high schools, 1 college), one movie theater and two shopping malls/parking lot because the second amendment is necessary to envoke at such places. And this is only a highlight reel…

  1. Sandy Hook Elementary
  2. Webster, NY
  3. Chardon High School (OH)
  4. Aurora, CO
  5. Brookfield, Wisconsin
  6. Tuscon, AZ
  7. Va Tech
  8. Columbine High School

President Obama supports reinstating a ban on assault weapons, stricter controls on high-capacity ammunition clips and stronger background checks, much in-line with the NY law. I am happy that he is looking at some initial actions that he could take without congressional approval. We should hear a plan later this week.

It is unfortunate that the burden will surely fall on those who have been most impacted, but unfortunately some people must be shamed into doing what is right. If the lives of our children are not motivation enough, then we should be prepared for more violence.

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Won’t Back Down: An Initial Flop


This movie’s Oscar-caliber cast and critical message did not salvage its opening weekend. First I’ll tell you why, then let’s talk about why this is so relevant.

People don’t wanna see movies that are so REAL about such a critical issue. It’s too gritty and it is unbelievable that we wouldn’t invest in our children’s education. If there aren’t grand explosions or some excessive nudity, we don’t want to see it…we don’t care. My mate (I’m testing out this word) and I are the only people I know that wanted to see it! It is sad that people don’t want to know what is going on in actual classrooms across the nation and why.

It is timely and relevant because education should be a top issue for this election and I still don’t see it enough. Domestic issues need attention! Employment and the economy, yes- but how can education not be mentioned in the same breath. Fix one and two but not the third and you’ve wasted time.

Think about this in light of the presidential debate and keep thinking about it up until you cast your ballot on the 6th.



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